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An open letter to Sprint PCS

As promised, here’s my letter to Sprint PCS. I am aware that sending it may not do any good, but one can always hope. Regardless, I’m leaving Sprint and I encourage all y’all to do the same. I know that … Continue reading


Damn straight

Just a reminder: Ricky over at Bottle of Blog is The Man when it comes to harshing on the liars up in Washington. His posts over the last few days have just been killer.

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I have figured something out. I really want to be The Weird Aunt. My favorite aunt is awesome and cool and has tons of dogs so her house shakes if you make a sound they associate with food. Her husband, … Continue reading

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Apparently Dr. David Hager repeatedly sodomized his ex-wife against her will when they were married. He also apparently paid her for certain sexual acts as a way of getting her to perform them (he kept a very tight rein on … Continue reading

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Naamah said, in a recent

Naamah said, in a recent comment, Oh, no! Tiny shit is not to be overlooked in its power to make you want to kill. I have always maintained, to make a hero you subject a person with a strong personality … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert, in his review of The Longest Yard (which is a fantastic review and a great look at why movie reviewing is so freakin’ hard to do well) says something which really resonates with me: There is a sense … Continue reading

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Class of 2000, repreSENT!

Class of 2000, repreSENT! Originally uploaded by Ealasaid. OK, see? THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE AT MY REUNION. Now all you clever “ooh, you had a reunion with just fish?” people can go see pix of actual human beings. ‘course, if … Continue reading

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Right now, I am desperately craving a quiet room, a cup of tea, some biscuits, a purring cat, and a good book. Sadly, I am going out to dinner and a play tonight and will, in all probability, return home … Continue reading

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Naked Bea Arthur!

The blogger meetup was last night. It was easily the coolest meetup I have been to in quite a while. [comicbookguyvoice]Best. Meetup. Ever.[/comicbookguyvoice] Items of interest: A song (nakedBea.mp3, 30 sec., 475.2K download) was created by Antwon and Rich. It’s … Continue reading

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Wow. I feel old. And young. And flattered.

I went to my 5-year college reunion over the weekend. It was awesome! I got to see my pals and party hearty and generally have a great time. I also got a ton of compliments, which was nice. :) Apparently … Continue reading