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Friday Foofah

Last week’s Friday Foofah. See, I get to ’em eventually!

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Well, duh.

I knew this. Fun to see a quiz that’s accurate, though. :)

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This is what happens when I have time to kill. I take too many quizzes.

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I’m somehow disappointed.

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I’m a Sith Lord!

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I’m not dead. Honest. Just working a LOT. Had a deadline moved up way further than expected and so am busy. But here are pix from the wedding. no pix OF the wedding, because my Dad couldn’t take any during … Continue reading


Another exciting thing…

My first major freelance gig is now online! Check it out!

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The day approacheth

Yikes! My best friend’s wedding is approaching at a terrifying pace. Things left to do: Figure out what the hell to wear to the rehearsal dinner Pack (we’re staying the night up in SF) Figure out what to say for … Continue reading

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Reviews up

For them as is interested, my latest reviews are up here. Check it out. Spider-Man 2, Fahrenheit 9/11, and I, Robot. Yay!

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