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As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted more of my The Last Failbender rantings. I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to write them because my fibromyalgia is pitching a fit. “Hey, Ealasaid,” I hear you ask, “what exactly does … Continue reading

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I appear to have fallen dreadfully behind in recording my reading! Bah! Here’s a partial list of books I have finished recently: Scott Pilgrim vols 1-5 Across the Wall, Garth Nix The Emotionally Abused Woman, Beverly Engel The Bone Doll’s … Continue reading

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Failbender: Rant the First! Characters and Characterization

Failbender Rant, Part The First So, if you saw my review, you know I hated, hated, HATED “The Last Airbender” (aka “The Last Failbender”). I hated it for a lot of reasons, but they pretty much boil down into two … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading Havi’s Blog a lot lately, and from there I got linked to a blog where I got linked to a blog where I saw a class on how to find Your Thing. I didn’t sign up for … Continue reading


Posters up for grabs!

Here’s a list of posters I have available! I culled my collection over the weekend. Interested in one? Just gotta swing by and grab it. If you’re not a local, maybe we can work something out. :)

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