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I’m a real employee!

I am in the process of getting hired as a permanent employee at the awesome company where I’ve been contracting! I am so psyched. One more thing to celebrate this weekend! (and if you are a pal of mine who … Continue reading



Holy cow. I just watched Jon Stewart’s response to the 9/11 attacks on YouTube. It’s here. Blows me away. I didn’t get back into the Daily Show until after this aired, so I missed it. I’m glad we have YouTube … Continue reading

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Ogdred Weary font back online!

The Ogdred Weary font, which I use extensively in my blog, is once again up and functional. So, those of you who are interested, go get it!

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Doing better

For the curious, I’m doing better today. Saw my chiropractor and nutritionist yesterday. The chiropractor discovered I had a Hiatal Hernia and promptly pulled my stomach down where it belongs. As I told him, that definitely takes the cake as … Continue reading


Take that, Cosmo.

I looked through Glenn Feron’s portfolio again today. Man, is it good for one’s self-esteem. He lets you see glamor shots both before and after retouching. If you haven’t seen it before, go look. And even if you have seen … Continue reading

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I’m at home today. I feel better than I did yesterday but still not good. I’m beginning to think that (as usual) most of the cause of this instance of ill health is psychological. I haven’t really had time to … Continue reading



I miss being in my early twenties. Back in the day, I could keep going for weeks at a time without my body rebelling. Nowadays, I can’t. I have to take weekends as down time, at least one of the … Continue reading


Friday Five

Well, it’s been ages, but here’s a Friday Five!

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I just paid off one of my student loans. I just paid off one of my student loans. I just paid off one of my student loans!!! RAWK! That frees up a bunch of dough every month to throw at … Continue reading

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Why it’s nigh-impossible to have a rational discussion about feminism

So I’ve been thinking – prompted largely by this post here (by Hugo Schwyzer, a male Women’s Studies professor) – about why it is that discussing feminism is nigh-impossible to do in a rational way when the crowd is co-ed. … Continue reading