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By Steven Brust This is a really interesting book. For one thing, the protagonist, who narrates the tale, is not a very good person. He’s not a totally over-the-top scenery chewing vampire or anything, he’s just … not a good … Continue reading

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By Neil Gaiman I reread this after seeing the film, and loved it at least as much a second time. SUCH A GREAT BOOK. If you haven’t read it, do so. I know it’s young adult lit, but it’s great, … Continue reading

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Emily’s Book of Strange

By Rob Reger This is a charming little tome. I have enjoyed the various items in the Emily Strange line for some time, and it’s fun to have a whole little book about her and her companion cats. This is … Continue reading

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Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler

By Susan Foster I borrowed this from a friend and quite enjoyed it! It’s not exactly brand new, but the advice is pretty much all spot-on. There are several clever packing tips I would never have thought of, like layering … Continue reading

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Be a Goddess!

By Francesca De Grandis This is an interesting book. It was written a while ago and has a lot of the flaws of metahysical books from the 90s. For one thing, the author tells us up front that she uses … Continue reading

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