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Bats are awesome

Check it out! I went to my first ever event with the California Bat Conservation Fund over the weekend. I’m a volunteer with the CBCF, and now that I’ve got all my shots, I can help out by holding a … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Returns

By Frank Miller This was a really interesting book. I’d heard a lot about it in Batman fandom, and so was psyched when I got it for my birthday. The art is a bit peculiar, but I dug the story … Continue reading

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By Alan Moore I’ve read this a couple of times now, and I always seem to find new things each time I reread it. I still love Rorschach, even though I’m more painfully aware of his hypocrisy than ever. I … Continue reading

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Fool Moon (re-read)

By Jim Butcher Yep, another re-read. I liked this one just as much the second time around as the first, maybe even more. For one thing, I like that you can really see the seductiveness of being a werewolf even … Continue reading

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Storm Front (re-read)

By Jim Butcher I was talking with my Mom about the Harry Dresden books and decided to re-read ’em. I’ve read ’em all before (starting here) and quite like ’em. They’re not great literature or anything, but they are a … Continue reading

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Kid Issues

First, an aside: how the hell did I not have a Childfree category in my blog already? Onwards. Antwon’s comment on this post says pretty much everything I was going to say. All I’ll add is that I know I’m … Continue reading