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I’m a dork.

My cats are now on Catster. here and here. w00t.


Psychology Today sez…

Found this in the latest issue of Psychology Today. What can you learn froma personal Web site? More than if you met the person for a few minutes and about as much as from a glance around their bedroom, according … Continue reading

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Weirdness from my trip

I’m hoping some of y’all can help me with this.


Cat Blogging

Friday is Cat Blogging Day. Hooray! So here are some photos of my cats.


Free comics!

So those of you who were at the meetup know about this already, but Dave Sim made an unusual offer via Neil Gaiman’s blog here. Here it is cut-and-pasted in case you’re too lazy to click the link…

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Creativity is my bane.

DFilm lets you make your own flash movies. I am sure I’ve posted about it before – it was big on the BBS at one point. I LOVE this site! It rules! But I can never think of anything … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Class Part Deux

I’ve moved the old entry back to the 23rd so it will stop clogging the top of my blog. :) I’ve got four people who are definitely interested, so I’m going to contact them via email and try to nail … Continue reading

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Wear. Sunscreen.

Marn’s biopsy turned up positive for skin cancer. The mildest form, thank all that’s bright and good. I just found out today (damn me and my RSS-hobbled reading habits, and damn Diaryland for its lack of RSS feeds!), so I’m … Continue reading

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Wednesday Whatevers

Last week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

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Blogger Meetup!

Well, I’m going to be at the Blogger Meet tonight (if you didn’t get an evite and you’re a South Bay Blogger, go complain to Courtney). I’ll be late, though, as I’m going to Aikido class first. See y’all there!

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