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Red Dead Redemption

If I’ve talked to you in the last couple weeks, I’ve probably mentioned the game Red Dead Redemption, probably with the words “awesome!” and “so fun!” involved. I realized I haven’t blogged about it, so here we go! RDD is … Continue reading

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I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that I’m not a minimalist. All it takes is one look at the enormous number of books and DVDs (and knick-knacks and whatnot) I own. You don’t even have to … Continue reading

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Blog Flogging

In response to Junglemonkey‘s generous invitation to allow people to plug their blogs on her own, I’m doing the same – giving anyone who comments here the chance to sell their blog to the handful of bibliophiles (and Ealasaid-ophiles) who … Continue reading

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Oh Em Gee, there’s a word for this!

Anyone who’s hung out with me for more than about five minutes knows I have a hojillion different hobbies/interests/whatever. I’m one of those people who starts new projects and activities the way some people start new rolls of paper towels. … Continue reading

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