So I’ve been pondering my blogroll(s). I have my blogroll here, and I have my BlogLines RSS aggregator collection of Blogs I read.
They don’t overlap much.
For a while, my BlogRoll was all the blogs I read on a regular basis, but now that isn’t accurate at all. For one thing, it’s missing a lot of the blogs I have in my aggregator. But my aggregator can’t list non-RSS blogs, so anybody on Diaryland, for example, isn’t on it even if I read them religiously. I also have some blogs on my BlogRoll and in my aggregator that I don’t read regularly at all, they’re just in there because I know the person through the Weblogger Meetup or something.
How do you, my fellow bloggers, decide who’s in your blogroll? How good are you about keeping it updated?

Edited to add:
I have now updated my blogroll situation by putting my RSS aggregator set here as a blogroll, and using my old BlogLines roll for just non-RSS sites I read! Wow, that took me about 20 minutes total, if that. Awesome. And now my links here are up-to-date. Sweet.

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2 Responses to BlogRolls

  1. fling93 says:

    I tend to update my blogroll once every month or two. It tends to be blogs that I read regularly (and I read the blogs of all of the SFBayBloggers I’ve met) and/or blogs that I know of which have blogrolled me. Any blogs that meet both criteria I tend to blogroll immediately. The rest, as I get around to ’em.
    Of those that have blogrolled me, there’s only a couple that I don’t read regularly, and I still tend to check them out once in a while.

  2. Yoggie says:

    I am horrible about updating my blog roll, which reminds me that I need to do so.