Friday Five

FInally, back on the bandwagon with this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Would you rather live in a world with or without technology such as computers, cars, airplanes, bombs?
    Hm… probably one with technology, because lack of technology doesn’t ensure peace or safety. Well, and I really like my gadgets.

  2. If you had to live without either heating in your house or air conditioning, which one would you keep??
    Heat, no question. I can always turn on a fan, but I refuse to wear more than two layers inside.

  3. If you had to own five dogs, what kind would you get??
    Hard to say. Jack Russel Terriers, maybe, since they’re so smart.

  4. If the world had a front porch, what would you do on it?
    What a bizarre question. I’d probably hang out on it and chat late in the evening while drinking really good wine.

  5. Would you rather live in a neighborhood where you know all of your neighbors by name, or where everyone sticks to their own business??
    Probably the former. Knowing your neighbors is useful.
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