A very, very messed-up shirt.

The ultimate Harry Potter spoiler shirt. Do NOT VIEW if you haven’t read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and don’t want to be spoiled.
I bought a different spoilery tshirt (spoiler warning applies to this too, though not quite so much) and am hoping that it comes out of backorder and arrifves soon.

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One Response to A very, very messed-up shirt.

  1. MITCH! says:

    Hee hee. Those are cute shirts.
    I must admit, I’ve changed my stance about the end. I say Dumbledore is not dead. It’s all a ruse. Voldy thinks his greatest enemy is dead and that he has a valuable ally in Snape. The evil one’s last words will be, “You’re supposed to be dead! That would mean the guy standing right next to me…”
    Now, it is a very convincing ruse. DD plays up being weak in front of the Death Eaters (by saying, “Severus, please…”) and Snape makes a big show out of his curse.
    There are, however, other things to consider. DD tells Draco that he knows a spell that will convince Voldy that Draco has died. Also, there is a lot of time spent on non-verbal spells. Given the revelation of Snape’s talent at this, one cannot be truely sure if the spell he says is the spell he casts.