Allergy diet

Wow. So I’m seeing the docs over at HealthNOW to see if they can help my fibro, and they are putting me on a food elimination diet. Basically, you quit eating all the things that are common allergens in food for a week, then gradually add them back in one at a time to see if you react.
The general thinking is that my body is clearly very, very unhappy about something, probably something in my digestive tract (I have a lot of gross symptoms not worth discussing on a blog) and food allergies would definitely explain at least some of my symptoms. Food allergies run in the family (for a good time, ask me about the weirder allergies in my immediate family. My favorites are bubblegum flavoring, wheat, citrus fruit, and oatmeal).

So, check it out:

Allowed Avoid
cold water fish (wild salmon, halibut, mackerel)
milk substitutes like rice/almond/soymilk
clarified butter
white or sweet potatoes
buckwheat and gluten free products
corn and rice pasta
clear, vegetable-based broth
homemade soups
all vegetables
all beans
unsweetened fruit/vegetable juice
caffeine-free herbal teas (non-citrus)
any bread made of gluten-free flour
unsweetened fresh, frozen, or water-packed fruit
canned fruit excluding citrus and strawberries
fruit jam (no sugar)
cold/expeller pressed unrefined oils
coconut oil
flax oil
olive oil
ghee (clarified butter)
sesame seeds
pumpkin seeds
nut butters (not peanut)
macadamia nuts
salt, pepper, spices
stevia (natural sweetener)
rice syrup
maple syrup
processed meats like hot dogs or cold cuts
ice cream
non-dairy creamer
all gluten-containing products
canned or creamed soups
veggies creamed or in casseroles
decaf coffee
all products made from gluten-containing grains (long list)
citrus fruit
dried fruit
all types of vinegar (including condiments and salad dressings)
artificial sweeteners

Pretty scary, nu? I’ve done simpler versions of this sort of thing in the past, but never anything this comprehensive. I will really have to pay attention to what I eat. I think it’s an indicator of just how miserable my health is that I’m willing to give up all this stuff for several weeks while we figure out whether I’m allergic to any of it. I’m praying that I’m not allergic to gluten – that stuff is everywhere.
However, the bf and I are planning to go out to dinner tomorrow so I’m starting the diet Thursday. I am so not going to a nice, fancy restaurant with the bf and only having a salad with no dressing and a chicken breast or something. You know? I’m still going to be good and generally avoid all this stuff, though, until Thursday when I cut it out entirely. It’s worth the inconvenience if I can just figure out wtf is wrong with me.
Going off the caffeine is going to suck hardcore. I get headachey without my morning cup of tea or can of soda. But that’s what I get for habitually using an addictive substance, right? Wish me luck.

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One Response to Allergy diet

  1. Noelani says:

    OMG I’m actually commenting. I just wanted to let you know that no matter what food allergies you may have there is someone out there who has a diet much more limited than yours will ever be. Our friend Ian’s wife, Lisa, is not only a vegetarian but she’s allergic to corn and gluten/wheat. Okay, now we top it off with the fact that their youngest daughter is allergic to nuts and still breast-feeding. So she basically can’t eat anything. She’s really skinny. It’s kind of scary, but she’s starting to slowly introduce SOME things back into her diet and she’s begun to eat fish and some poultry. Whew! Anyway, I hope that you’re successful and can still eat ice cream, chocolate and red vines when this is all over. :) Of course, if you’d like I’m sure Lisa would be happy to share recipes, advice, etc…