Just When I Thought I’d Found a Republican Candidate I Could Respect

I was all fond of Ron Paul until today. Turns out he’s so pro-forced-birth that he doesn’t seem to think abortion is ever necessary to save the life of the mother. To that I say: how about ectopic pregnancy? In El Salvador, where all abortion of any kind is illegal, a woman has to wait until the fetus dies or her fallopian tube ruptures (which is a life-threatening event) before doctors are allowed to remove it. Allowing the fallopian tube to rupture can impair the woman’s fertility, cause serious internal damage, and even kill her.
I am so disappointed in Mr. Paul. I love the way he stands up to the other Republican candidates on issues like the war in Iraq, but because of his pro-forced-birth views I cannot in good conscience support him.

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2 Responses to Just When I Thought I’d Found a Republican Candidate I Could Respect

  1. keith says:

    I can’t stand pro-forced birth. It denigrates the female population to making their bodies a crime scene. I want desprately to be a cop one day but that is one crime scene I couldn’t… examine without total consent from the women. Making abortion illegal is going to throw us back to days of back alley coat hanger abortions. Not a world I want to live in.

  2. Ealasaid says:

    Keith – I (obviously) agree completely. The whole body-as-crime-scene is just … creepy. In El Salvador, they have vaginal inspectors, whose job it is to examine women suspected of abortion. It’s revolting.