Yup, We’re Moving

So, those of y’all who follow me and/or Nate on various social media sites or interact with us in person a lot have probably noticed we go to Portland, Oregon a lot. Like, a lot lot.

Some of y’all have already heard this, but I know a lot haven’t, so: we’ve decided to go there on a more long-term basis. With all our stuff. As in, we’re moving up there.

We are psyched. I’m also nervous, as I’ve never moved out of state before and never moved all my crap more than about half an hour from my parents’ place before (even when I lived in England, I had a bedroom that was my bedroom at their place, and it was the same bedroom I’d had since I was three).

This is also affording me the opportunity to go through all my stuff, sort the stuff from the crap, and get rid of the crap. I have a lot of crap in with my lot of stuff (seriously, I found my 1998 tax return in a box I went through last week. WTF, self?). It’s pretty liberating, though. I feel sort of like I’m curating my life. Some things I’m archiving, others I’m tossing/shredding/selling/donating. Anything that doesn’t pass the “is this worth schlepping up to Portland?” test gets put in the “out” pile.

I’m tracking my progress off and on here — before-and-after photos are really motivating! :) The hard part is remembering to take them.


When are you moving?
April. This means that basically the first quarter of 2013 is, for me, The Quarter Of Preparing to Move. It’s pretty intense so far.

Do you have a place yet?
No. No, we do not, because it’s way too early to look for a rental. Everything available now has a move-in date of early February, pretty much. We’ll start looking for real in February some time but probably won’t have a place lined up until Marchish. I’m confident — we’ve been keeping an eye on the rental market up there for quite a while, so we have a good feel for what’s reasonable, and have a few apartment complexes spotted that are good candidates if we can’t find a house to rent.

Why Portland???
Because Portland is awesome. It’s laid back and chill, and we know folks up there, and it’s definitely our cup of tea.

Do you have jobs lined up?
I try not to talk about dayjob stuff on the blog, but let’s just say this is covered.

Are you culling your books?

Comment Topic

Anybody who’s moved out-of-state with a shitload of heavy stuff (as in 40+ boxes of books and a bunch of bookcases, just to start with), please offer your dos and don’ts! We’re doing research and Nate has experience, but more info is always welcome.

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7 Responses to Yup, We’re Moving

  1. junglemonkee says:

    I’ve moved myself and several other people over multiple states, and all I remember is 1) get a bigger UHaul than you think you’ll need, 2) cull MERCILESSLY beforehand, including throwing out particleboard bookcases that are cheaper to buy new than to move 3) rent a storage space and move most of your stuff there first, then bring it to your new living space as needed.

  2. Ellen says:

    I agree with junglemonkee about the Uhaul plan and about the particleboard furniture. That type of furniture is notorious for falling apart after being moved. There are RARE exceptions but you should be able to tell by how easily it came apart for packing or by how it feels after moving around your current place. If it feels wobbly and shaky GET RID OF IT.

    Otherwise, I’d say just remember to pack for the weather you are moving into so you aren’t stuck with a suitcase full of shorts and t-shirts when it’s (to you) totally freezing outside. In fact, one thing I’ve learned to do is pack a daybag (just like when you are flying somewhere and want stuff in case you lose your luggage) and pack a DAYBOX with your living essentials. Clearly marked it should have enough dishes and food and bedding (and medicine, etc.) to make it through that first day of driving for hours then staggering into your new place and falling over for a nap before unloading. It’s just easier to face the job when you’ve only got one box to open in order to make your bed, make your dinner/breakfast and take a shower.

    • Ealasaid says:

      Yeah, most particleboard furniture is crap, and if you take it apart, there’s no point putting it back together in my experience. XD I’ve moved my beloved bookcases several times, and never disassembled them for it beyond taking out the adjustable shelves. I’m debating what to do with them for this move, because the size I prefer (21″ wide) isn’t made anymore and is almost impossible to find used. :( The only sizes available are too wide (the shelves start to sag almost immediately) or stupidly narrow.
      Maybe I should just hunt around for good plans and see if I can build some collapsible/foldable shelves myself after we move. Sigh.
      Being a bibliophile is not conducive to moving.

  3. Casey says:

    Yay! I finally RSSed your feed on my main computer.

    Thoughts on moving:
    1) YES on getting a much-larger truck than you think you need. The u-haul computation helper is a LIAR. Also, show up at the Uhaul place absurdly early because the big trucks go first and they’ll reroute you all over the Bay Area to “fulfill your reservation” if you don’t score on your first try.
    2) Freecycle (the yahoo group) is your friend now more than ever: people will come take your culled items away instead of you having to dispose of them. You can also usually find moving boxes and packing material there.
    3) Label label label. By room or destination or whatever makes sense. Use strappy packing tape. Hire guys at each end to put the boxes in the truck and take them out again, then all you do is the driving.
    4) In addition to the day bag idea, also pack a stash of comfort items. Things that help you de-stress (could be things like a bottle of lavender essential oils and a small bag of Epsom salts, or tea, or a heating pad). It softens the landing just a bit.
    5) Portland + March/April = RAIN. Reinforce boxes accordingly. (You MIGHT hit the day or two where the sun peeks out, but plan for rain so you’re not surprised.)

    Totally selfishly, I’m so excited you’re coming to live up here!

    • Ealasaid says:

      CASEY! WOOO! Hi! :D

      Thanks for the tips! Any advice on reinforcing boxes? Would using new standard-style moving boxes with good packing tape be enough? We don’t need to line them or anything, do we? We’re probably either renting or hiring an absurdly enormous truck (I expect to have something like 50 boxes of books alone) so they won’t be exposed on the drive, just during the unloading.

      Freecycle is faboooooo. I haven’t used them in ages but will definitely be making use of them and Craigslist Free extensively for things I can’t sell. I have Man vs. Debt’s ecourse on getting rid of your crap, which is helping a lot. :)