Self-centered whining

Sometimes it feels like my fibro is taking over my life.
I mean, I try to exercise 4+ times a week because it helps my fibro so much. I go to HealthNOW three times a week (which takes a total of about 1:45 out of my day each time) for treatment. I see my GP every few months for the fibro too. I have to sleep 8+ hours a day (more on weekends) because otherwise I’m really friggin’ tired all the time.
It’s immensely frustrating.
At the same time, I know my general health is getting better. My migraines are still just the same, but everything else has improved. I try to concentrate on the good stuff, but sometimes it’s hard. It’s hard to balance the things I have to do (work, treatment, exercise, day-to-day chores, wedding prep) with the stuff I want to do (movie reviews, web design work, hang with friends, watch TV, play videogames, read).
This whole being-a-grownup thing is a pain.
However: tomorrow night I leave on an airplane to go visit my friend Annie, who is getting married – and I’m officiating! YAY! So that’s something good.
At any rate, if you’re wondering why I post irregularly and am often hard to get a hold of, this is why.

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3 Responses to Self-centered whining

  1. Mike says:

    It seems like being an adult is realizing that there’s never enough time for everything, and there never will be. At least that’s the realization I’ve been coming to lately.

  2. Becca says:

    Would it help I was your cheerleader? You can do it! Beat that fibro! Yaaaay Ealasaid! ::Kermit arms::

  3. keith says:

    feel better cuz. i know you can do! Havc fun officiating!