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Having a great time in LA with the aforementioned guest, woo!



I was in the middle of a post when the power went out earlier and am JUST NOW having time to redo it. Feh. Anyway: the post! Ealasaid Haas, International Hostess Extraordinaire! Yes, folks, it’s true. I am playing hostess … Continue reading



This is my post about Valentine’s day. Watch in admiration, dear readers, as I avoid ranting about how the raw materialism of the holiday grates on my feminist sensibitities. Sigh in relief as I refrain from posting terrifyingly sappy drivel … Continue reading

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Chef Ealasaid

I have created a new meal. Well, new to me. Others may have thought it up already. My masterpiece, my brilliant creation is….. The Pizzarito!

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You’ve got to be kidding

Anti-spam software provider spams potential clients. Good grief. What morons.


More Quizzes!

Why? Because I feel like it. Sorry for tying up the ‘net, Dad! You are the playful pin-up! Do you know how to beserious? What Type Of Retro Gal Are You? brought to you by Quizilla I have issues with… … Continue reading


Good grief

Updated my list ‘o reads. Hurrah. Fixed some outdated links, added a couple of folks… But dayummm, that’s a lot of blogs/diaries/whatever I read regularly! No wonder I have so little free time! ;-p

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College Life

Yale’s considering Co-Ed housing. Well, students are campaigning for it, anyway. Wish we’d had that when I was in college, it would have simplified my friends’ lives immensely. I had a couple pals who had carefully set up schemes to … Continue reading

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Things that make me go “aaagh!”

1. Which OS are You? Dood! I use Windows98, that doesn’t mean I am it. I gotta get hooked up with Linux. 2. This unnerving artcle about our prez. This guy thinks the reason Bush isn’t making so many verbal … Continue reading


PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.06

This week’s Monday Mission

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