One Ring to Rule Them

One Ring to Rule Them All…
Well! Saw Lord of the Rings last night. Random thoughts:
Whoa, Legolas is WAY cuter on the screen than he was in the stills.
Pippin rocks. Seriously.
Frodo is WAY too EpIV Luke in spots (“But GANDALF, I was going to go to Bywater to pick up some new candles!” *whine*) but still quite beautiful and I will probably end up really liking him anyway.
Hugo Weaving is a great Elrond. But now I want to see “The Matrix” again.
Liv Tyler was as annoying as I expected. (Arwen is NOT a mouth-breather, Liv!)
Aragorn is a total babe.
Christopher Lee is THE MAN.
No, wait, Ian McKellan is THE MAN.
OK, they’re both TOO FRICKIN’ COOL!
They did a great job casting Sam.
The Balrog was freaky.
It’s a beautiful movie.

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