WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Aw YEAH. I rule.

Aw YEAH. I rule. Went to that LotRTCG get together last night. After some initial panic (when I showed up about 10 min early there was no sign of the event) I found Ron, the Decipher guru and the other folks who’d shown up. Ron had brought a couple decks, so Jen and I played with his instead of our own.
The first game was one-on-one, me versus a kid who’d come and Jen versus Ron’s wife. The kid had to leave early, so Ron took over half way through. I won! Go me!
Then we played a four-person game, which just rocked. Tres cool. I won that too, mostly because when the store closed at 11 I was in the lead. Go me! :-D
Ron was kind enough to give Jen and myself some nifty cards and he said he’s going to set up a league, meeting on Monday nights at Borders. Whoo-hooo! That will rock. I am very stoked.
And no, Ith, I didn’t filch anyone’s Pip cards. I was rather annoyed to discover that, practically speaking, the not-so-cute Pip card is much more useful than the cute one. *sigh* Oh, well, that way the cute one won’t get shuffled and will continue to look pristine and nifty. And yes, Keith, it’s in a card protector. Now that I know I won’t be actually using it much.

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