Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh… Long day today. Got

Long day today.
Got woken up by a call to sub (thankfully, it was at 8am instead of the usual 6am. Don’t all you wage slaves hate me for sleeping in?). Then had to drive to the MUSD office, talk to folks there, go to SLC and teach for 3hrs, THEN rush home and to the Post Office (in case my LotR cards came… which they didn’t), the to Borders for my weekly LotR game…
…which ended up getting cancelled. Ron was running so late we decided to bail on it and I’m going up to the Union City meet tomorrow instead.
Funny, I’m still exhausted.
That’s why there wasn’t a new LotR sound until this evening. And I’m subbing again tomorrow, so the next one will be up … probably not at all tomorrow, as I’ll be in Union City after work. I’ll try to get two up Wednesday to make up for it.

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