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AUGH! So The Boondock Saints came out on DVD today. Last night at the LotR league meeting I asked if they had it, and found out it would be available today. The discussion went like this: Me: Hey, do you … Continue reading


Movie mania

Whoa. Long coupla days. I saw… let me think… seven films this weekend! DAMN! The rundown: Arsenic and Old Lace – Well, you read already what I think about this one. The Forbidden Zone – Officially the weirdest film I’ve … Continue reading

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Arsenic and Old Lace

Peter Lorre rocks. Okay? Let’s just get that out there as a ground rule and move on. Peter Lorre HELLA rocks in Arsenic and Old Lace (IMDb) I went to see it last night at the amazing Stanford Theatre. It’s … Continue reading

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Amusing list of stuff here. It all sound plausible, although everyone knows that “door hinge” rhymes with orange.

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The Empire

This is an interesting article. Go read it, then come back. Ok? Ok. Well. It’s a great article with a number of good points, but I have to take issue with one of them. Arguing that the destruction of Alderaan … Continue reading

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Go me!

I forgot to write this up yesterday, but one of my students got a second copy of the Arwen card for the Lord of the Rings CCG! Fortunately, I had several rares she wanted, so I set up a three-for-one … Continue reading

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Attack of the Clones

So last night my folks and I went to the 12:01am showing of Attack of the Clones. I got to the line around 8:45 or so, and had fun standing there in my “Sith Academy” sweatshirt reading my book. Mom … Continue reading

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I think I’ve figured out a Hobbit deck that is a lean, mean, but-kicking machine, especially against uruk-hai. But I need several more cards before it’ll work. *sigh* It’ll even be 70 cards or so! But dammit! no dice until … Continue reading

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You know you’re obsessed when…

…you come dancing out of Blockbuster, clutching “American Psycho” and “Boondock Saints” and chanting “I got me some Willem! I got me some Willem!” Heh. I kill me.

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What a day, what a day.

Horrible day of subbing. I swear, I am starting to understand why 99.9% of all the subs I had in school were bitter old crabs. Grrr. Am now thoroughly disillusioned with humanity. On the upside, I finished the books I … Continue reading

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