So The Boondock Saints came out on DVD today. Last night at the LotR league meeting I asked if they had it, and found out it would be available today. The discussion went like this:
Me: Hey, do you guys have The Boondock Saints on DVD?
Guy Behind Counter (GBC): No…
Jen: It comes out tomorrow.
GBC: Okay, let me check… (looks it up) yeah, we’re getting like 500 copies for the four stores in the area.
Me: How much will it be?
GBC: We ought to have it in the back, I’ll go check. (goes, returns) $12.99.
Me: What? Are you serious? Are there no extras on it or something?
GBC: 1-2-9-9! It’s not a deluxe edition. (shrug)
Me: Wicked, I’ll be back tomorrow.
So this morning Jen calls me from the store, saying that they dont’ have it on the shelf. I advise her to ask about it, and when I talk to her later, she says the GBC recognized her and asked about me. She told him I’d be in later, and he grabbed the DVD and she bought it.
I just got to work after going to the store, where I had a conversation like this.
GBC: Heya! Your friend already bought it.
Me: I know, I’m here to get my copy.
GBC: No, she bought our only copy.
Me: WHAT?!
GBC: We only had one! I thought I made that clear last night.
Me: No.
GBC: Well, yeah. We only have one.
Me: Well, crap.
GBC: I can order you one… yeah, see the other stores in the area have this many (swivels monitor so I can see a column of 0’s.
Me: I’ll order one.
(discussion about ordering)
GBC: It says here it’ll take 10 business days to get here.
Me: WHAT!?
GBC: Yeah, that’s what it says, but that’s weird. Give us a call in 40 or 72 hours and check up on it.
Me: I will. Damn, I have to go beat up my friend now.
GBC: Yeah, you gotta lay some smack down.
Me: She’s just lucky we go way back. I’m hella borrowing that DVD, man.
Unfortunately, Jen seems to think that she should be able to watch her own DVD, so I don’t get to borrow it until tomorrow. AUGH!
This is clearly not my day. SO much for my clever plan of watching the outtakes and whatnot (apparently there are mondo extras, low cost notwithstanding) when I get home from work tonight. DAMN.

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