Earth is the BEST!

Earth’s got Chinese food and microphones
Earth’s got Orbit, he likes ice cream cones
Earth’s got people who are all alone
Earth’s got hot rod cars and Al Capone!
Earth (is the best) yeah Earth (is the best) yeah Earth (yeah!) is the best!

Had a fantabulous time at the Phenomenauts concert last night. They rocked so hard … man. Got to hang out a little with Greg, their special effects guy, which was very cool.
Even cooler: I talked to Joebot! TWICE! And managed not to keel over in fangirly shock, too. Go me. The first time I just complimented him on the show and babbled something about being a huge fan. Then later I got up my nerve and asked if the thing on his helmet is really a theramin… which it is! He said their bassist just turned up at practice one day with it. How cool is that?? Wow. I think I babbled a little but overall he didn’t seem to think I was lame, so I guess I was all right.
The red vinyl pants and tight Cadet tshirt might have helped.
PS: please go vote for the Phenomenauts for an SF Weekly award! haven’t heard their music? Email me and I’ll send you an MP3 or two.

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