Link time! YAY! I probably should dole these out over several days, but I feel like binging. So sue me.
I crave your distinguished indulgence (and all your cash) – A wonderful Salon article about Nigerian Email scams. This piece skips over the fraud aspects and goes straight to the most important thing about these hokey missives: their literary merit. (from Dad)
Alicorna’s Don’ts and Dos of Web Design – Some of these are great. Nearly all of them should be followed. Especially the one about embedded music! I hate any site that tries to compete with my WinAmp, dammit! (From Dad)
SaysGod – These are brilliant. “I love Marilyn Manson, too. Maybe more than I love you.” -God Go. Laugh. Nod. Buy. Better yet, buy me one in a ladies’ large, ok? (from Dad)
How NOT to do customer service
– Those of my readers who own their own domains have doubtless gotten a fake “domain renewal notice” from VeriSign saying that their domain registration is about to expire and urging them to renew. Hopefully none of you fell for that – it’s a fradulent way of getting you to transfer your registration to them (usually at a much higher rate than you’d usually be paying!). Needless to say, if VeriSign can be that horrible to strangers it’s not going to be much better to its own customers. Read this blog entry for details. (from Dad)
Job Hunt Resources – One hell of a collection of jobhunting links! (from Dad) – Google, but for HP Lovecraft fans. Hella hella cool. (from Dad)
The First Smiley – Everyone uses them! :-) But where did they come from? :-\ This article reveals all! ^_^ (and yes, that last is not a classic smiley. Bite me. ;-p) (From Dad)
Axis Applet – Everyone knows the Axis of Evil. But did you know that Luxembourg, the UK, and Ireland form an axis of vodka-exporting, least corrupt, US visa-waving pilot-program participators? (requires Java) (from Dad)
Kunou’s Excellent Adventure TM – Be Kunou for a day! Too funny, at least if you’re a Ranma fan. (From Nin)
Ruthless Charm – Who knew Barbie and Bond were essentially the same person? Not me. (From Dad)
Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets – Some AMAZING pix from the upcoming Potter film. Dig the one of Snape from the duel scene! And the one of Snape behind Draco during the duel scene! AUGH! *drool* Ahem. Sorry. (From Jen)
Brom – Oh my Gods, someone buy me some of this guy’s artwork. PLEASE. He rocks.
(From Jen, who knows me tooooo well)

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