Blame the Meds

I forgot the Friday Five. Blame the Meds, man. Blame the Meds. I only remembered because of James (who apparently forgot too… or was too busy or somethin’).

1. What is your favorite scary movie?
Hm… Hard to say, I love so many. The batch I’ve got on the NetFlix list are Silence of the Lambs, Sleepy Hollow (pretty Johnny!), The Horror of Dracula, and … um… one more I can’t remember right now. Damn vicodin.

2. What is your favorite Halloween treat?
Probably Tootsie Rolls. Or Tootsie Roll Pops, it’s a hard choice.

3. Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe your best Halloween costume.
I looooove Halloween costumes. Best one so far is Cardinal Fang. Go admire. One of our Mayoral candidates thought I was a guy because he first met me in that outfit at a Rotary party.

4. Do you enjoy going to haunted houses or other spooky events?
Not really. I’m all about Halloween costume parties, though.

5. Will you dress up for Halloween this year?
Nope. I’m staying in and watching DVDs. Let’s put it this way – today I got up late, went out to lunch with the Lunch Bunch from mom and dad’s church… and then had to take a four-hour nap to recover. And I’m still tired from it. Damn surgery… I’m a wreck. So no trickortreating or partying hearty for me this year. I’m considering doing a Halloween-in-November party, though, to make up for it. :-D

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