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One more thing…

Anthony Burgess (author of A Clockwork Orange) was involved in CIA stuff??? Read all about it.

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Oh, Great!

Intel joins the ‘fight’ against piracy. I hate this kind of thing. The media moguls are constantly trying to limit what computers can be used for and now one of the computer companies is going to help? Come ON, people. … Continue reading

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Hey Shrub! Wanna stop Saddam? Try the Whoops-o-Matic! (courtesy of

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O My Gosh

Jason Statham is AMAZING. I saw The Transporter late Saturday night as I’d hoped and just loved it. Lots of action, very little plot. Statham spends most of it seriously kicking ass and the rest of it being really funny … Continue reading

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Jumpin’ Jack’o’Lanterns!

Go look at this (found via BeerMary). A Halloween evangelism kit? Good grief. Now, as a liberal first-amendment thumper I have no problem with people handing out Gospel tracts on Halloween, I just find it.. amusing. I’ve never really gotten … Continue reading

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Well, I saw Knockaround Guys this afternoon. Now I am all depressed. It feels like a movie written by two guys – one guy wanted to write a great comedy film with gangsters in it, and the other wanted to … Continue reading

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Thursday Thumb-Twiddler 1. Does not having done something before make it more appealing, or less?Depends. For physically dangerous stuff that requires experience, less. For stuff that just seems interesting, more. 2. If you could have a large stain-glass window in … Continue reading

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I took the Political Compass test and wound up in the Libertarian Left (surprise surprise) at Economic Left/Right: -4.75 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.33. I certainly dig the Reading list they provide for my quadrant. I should track down some of those books.

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Io Triumphe

Oh, my dear Alma Mater. I sure do miss Occidental College and never more so than when I get the call from those poor students manning the phone banks to ask alumni like me for money. I was very sad … Continue reading

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The Thirteen Clocks

I just want to say that‘s nifty booksearch option rocks my world. I got The Thirteen Clocks by mail this week. What, you may ask, is that? It’s a kids’ book, from the 50s, about a prince who rescues … Continue reading