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One of the cool things about reading through Antwon‘s archives is that I occasionally stumble across some cool link that he found a couple years ago that’s still around and active. This is schweet, as then I can share it with y’all, and while it’s not new, it’s old enough to be retro by Web standards (I’m still in his posts from 2000, so I’m finding sites that have been around for years! That’s impressive, nu?).

In case you’re wondering why I’m reading Twon‘s archives, the answer is simple. He said once that he had so much content he could rest assured that nobody would ever read it all. I am obsessive and a completist, and had already been cotemplating reading the archives, since I read his daily posts already, and that pushed me over the edge.

Anyway. I now present one of those old school links: a search-engine drinking game. Basically, the game consists of a bunch of people sitting around running searches on random phrases and seeing how many hits they get. Just think – a bunch of my online friends and I could sit in front of our computers, turn on our various IM programs, and play it! Ha!

Anybody interested? Probably not as much fun as a drinking game played in person (so to speak) but hey, the site says that nobody’s played it as far as the writer knows, so….

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