Post inspired by: Moxie’s adventures in waxing

Dood, I can’t imagine waxing extensively on a regular basis. Hell, I can barely imagine waxing in the first place – I am not one of those chicks interested in suffering for beauty. I wear Doc Martens or combat boots almost 24/7 because they’re comfy, refuse to spend more than 15 minutes on my makeup at the very most, and while I pluck my eyebrows, that’s mostly because if I do it right, they get this sort of Jack Nicholson thing going on, and that’s cool.

I shave my legs and armpits, but that’s mostly out of habit (I was on swim team in high school, and just TRY not shaving in THAT crowd, yeesh) and for comfort/convenience – it’s easier to apply deodorant if one’s armpits aren’t a forest of hair (and coming from a hirsute family, mine are if I don’t shave), and I like the way my legs feel shaved better than the way they feel when furry. [shrug]

But dayumm, chicks who wax (especially with stories like Moxie’s around) make me shake my head in amazement. Yeow.

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