The Ageless Project – yes, people of all ages really do use the web, not just youngsters like me.

Below the Beltway – harshest interview with an author ever: I tell Burrows that if he is willing to submit to an interview, I am willing to review his book at length in The Washington Post. The only catch, I said, is that I am going to say that it is, in my professional judgment, the worst novel ever published in the English language.

The Slumbering Lungfish Dybbuk Hostel and All-Night Boulangerie – dood, Lore of Brunching Shuttlecocks has a personal site! Very cool.

The Church of Ed Wood – be afraid. Be very afraid.

Mr. Rogers is Dead. I watched his show and Sesame Street religiously as a child. He will be missed.

Last, but most definitely not least: Caring for Your Introvert – an article that intrigued me both as a person with introvert tendencies and as the girlfriend of an introvert. Well worth reading. I do think that dividing the world into introverts and extroverts is a bit narrow-minded – there are people who fall somewhere between the two poles, after all. Even so, worth a read.

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