Oh, how cruel is life

I am bummed.

Today, I showed up at the local high school, all fresh-faced and ready for a day of test proctering.

OK, really, I showed up looking hungover and haggard and ready for another four hours of sleep, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was informed that I was not actually slated to sub today, that I was expected tomorrow and the next two days, not today and the next two days. They needed a “floater,” though – someone to help out with the testing that’s going on.

Here I sit in the library, with a nice fast internet connection all to myself, yet all is not well with my world.

I’ve heard about FilePile from a couple of people. It’s sort of like a huge BBS system, they told me, but people post all kinds of nifty multimedia files instead of inane blather.

Self, I said to myself, you have oodles of free time, why not go check out FilePile? Doing something constructive, like categorizing your old entries, would be too dull.

But FilePile isn’t accepting new memberships! NOOOOO! My dreams are crushed by the cold, cruel world.

So I’m relegated to categorizing and reading Antwon‘s archives in my ongoing quest to read his entire site. I’d read, but I finished the book I brought with me (read about it in the booklog) and don’t want to start a fresh one from the hundreds around me, because who knows if I’ll get to finish it?


Good thing Antwon’s damn good at being entertaining to warped minds such as my own.

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