Home again, home again…

Well, I made it back from LA, so my handful of regular readers can quit worrying. :) Everything went just fine, and we had a good time to boot. Roy Zimmerman and Marc Maron totally rocked. Marc was definitely on his toes, too, and made a wonderfully horrible joke about Hamlet when it was revealed that the front-row folks who weren’t laughing at any of his jokes were Danish.

I also saw X-Men 2 again, bringing my total viewings to 4 – more than The Two Towers. Take heed, Peter Jackson – muck with the storyline and a comic book movie will get more of my attention.

Anyway. A good time was had by all. ‘course, now I have to deal with that off-kilter, out-of-whack feeling I get when I have a five day weekend and then have to dive right back into working. Feh.

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