Carpe Diem

This is why I subscribe to Mark Morford’s Morning Fix.

Carpe The Damn Diem
A 39-year-old employee at Pacific Union College in Napa County was killed Monday when he fell into a four-foot trash pit and was crushed by a compactor. Embrace life. Oh my freaking God, do it now. This is what you must do. Every day. Every minute. It is difficult and it is awkward and it is elusive and it isn’t always the most fun or most obvious and sometimes it feels like you’d rather jam ballpoint pens into your skull and splay yourself out on a bed of snakes than haul your sorry ass out of bed one more time but oh my freaking God, do it, and do it now, breathe deep and lick your lover every morning and touch yourself in divine amazement every night and laugh easily and screw with full glorious intent and notice the damn flowers and drive just a little slower and wonder at the bliss of dogs and get over your petty BS right now because you really do just never know when you might accidentally fall into the reeking gaping maw of a trash compactor and not be found for two days.

Run-on sentences and vulgarity aside, he is so right.

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