PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.28

This week’s Monday Mission – on a Tuesday because Promo was in the hospital yesterday for a colonoscopy.

  1. When was the last time you were in the hospital as a patient? As a visitor?
    Never as a visitor. Last October as a patient for my cyst removal.

  2. Have you ever been put under anesthesia or sedation? For what reason? Did it mess with your mind?
    Yep, see above. I didn’t have any real trouble with the anesthesia, although I came out of it before my morphine was hooked up and was in a world of pain until they got me set with my drugs. sigh.

  3. Have you (or someone close to you) ever had any major surgery? How did it go?
    Well, I think the cyst removal counts as major. Read all about it on my site on the subject. :)

  4. How about the emergency room? Have you ever had to be taken there, or had to accompany someone else? What happened?
    Nope and nope.

  5. Have you ever donated blood (or other fluids)?
    Yep! I was a regular blood donor until the new Mad Cow Disease rules made it against the rules for them to accept my blood. Stoopid semester abroad.

  6. Are you an Organ Donor? How do you feel about having your organs being donated to those in need once you die? Have you or someone you know ever been the recipient of donated organs?
    Yep, I am. I think it’d be great to live on that way. Never known ab\nybody who received organs, though.

  7. Do you know any men who refuse, or are too afraid, to go to see a Doctor? Why are so many men like that?
    Well, I know men who are reluctant (for whatever reason) to go to the doctor. I suspect it’s related to that “not wanting to show weakness” thing that also manifests in a refusal to ask for directions. It irks me when it’s a man I really care about doing it because I worry that if there is, God forbid, really something wrong, it won’t be caught in time… but at the same time I don’t want to be a horrible and annoying nag. You know?

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