PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.41

This week’s Monday Mission, superlate because poor PromoGuy had a rough time with his server.

  1. Have you ever accidentally deleted something from your website or otherwise screwed it up? Share your tales of woe, won’t you?
    Hm… all sorts of times, I’m sure, but nothing really springs to mind. I keep backups of just about everything. :)

  2. When was the last time you did a total backup of your website (including databases) to store offline? Do you have some sort of schedule set up?
    Hm… I odn’t have to back stuff up much because I create everything except my blogs offline and then FTP it over, so there are always backups on my computer. I should backup the blogs more often, though.

  3. If your entire site was deleted, and there was no way to restore it, what would you do? Would you start over? Give up? How would it impact your life?
    Boy, that would suck. I would probably freak out for a while, then start over with a totally fresh look. Use it as an excuse to clean house, so to speak.

  4. Not having a blog for several days gave me a lot of time to reflect on blogging. I asked myself some serious questions, now it is your turn. Just what do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Why are you doing it? To make the world a better place, to satisfy your own vanity or what? Is the time you spend blogging really “time well spent?”
    Hm… I blog for a couple of reasons: I’m a raving egomaniac (well, not really, but close) and it gives me a way to share links and tidbits without spamming the inboxes of my 300 closest friends several times a day. :)

  5. Do you think having your own web site/blog has changed you as a person? (For example, given you more confidence in yourself, enhanced your creativity, encouraged you to improve yourself, given you a flair for web design, etc.)
    Hm… well, I met the bf at a Blogger Meetup, which was a pretty life-changing event. :) It’s also gotten me writing stuff for the public, not just myself, on a near-daily basis, which is good.

  6. One of the main reasons I get so much “comment spam’ is because I’ve allowed my site to be indexed by Google. One one hand it is great to come up high in the rankings on so many searches, but the drawback is I get a lot of comment trolls and comment spam (hmm, do trolls eat spam?). Do you let Google index your site? Do you often search certain topics on Google to see your rankings? What are some of the good and bad things about being listed in Google?
    I let Google index my site, but I don’t get much comment spam or check to see if I’m ranked highly or not. I’m too lazy. Being indexed doesn’t have much of an effect on me.

  7. I’ve often thought that I need a “Blog Buddy” and should start up a “Blog Buddy System” site. The idea is based on the same “Buddy System” every child is told about when they go on a field trip. Your Buddy looks out for you, you look out for them. You keep an eye on each other and if something goes wrong, you take charge and help. The “Blog Buddy System” is the same – every blogger has one other blogger who watches out for them. There is 100% total trust between the two. Each allows the other permissions to post on their blog. Each blog has a “Blog Buddy System” icon linking to each other’s site, so readers know who your Buddy is. If your Buddy doesn’t post for a few days or a week or whatever seems out of character, the Blog Buddy picks up the phone and calls them. There may have been an accident. A family emergency. Or, perish the thought, the death of the Buddy. The Blog Buddy is responsible for carrying out the wishes of their Buddy. Be it logging into the site to make announcements, keeping silent, or closing down their blog. Whatever has been agreed upon, but the Buddies watch out for each other. What do you think of the “Blog Buddy System” idea? Do you have a “Blog Buddy” in your life? Would you like one? Have you ever thought about what would happen to your site if you died and who would tell your readers?
    Hm… that’s kind of a good idea, really. I should consider setting up a system like that with someone. I’ve pondered the thought of what would happen if I croaked and wasn’t around to post. I probably should put together a little notebook with all my passwords in it and stuff and tell my folks where it is so they can update my site if I kick the bucket (or go into the hospital for weeks or whatever). Hm…
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