Firsts and Lasts

Yet another Meme. Filched from Lauren.


  • First best friend: David, my next-door neighbor.
  • First real memory of something: waddling down the hallway in the house in Concord and going into the kitchen, where my first tricycle was standing in front of my first chalkboard. I know it’s a legit memory because everything is so frickin’ huge. This was either Christmas or my Birthday right around the time I was 2 or turning 3.
  • First date: Depends on what you call a date. I mean, if me being crazy about the guy is what’s important, then my first date was with Dennis, back in college – freshman year (so… fall of ’96?). If the guy being interested in me is what’s important, then … hm … I suspect Henrik taking me out to a pub for my birthday in ’99 while I was in York. If something akin to a relationship resulting from said date is what’s important, than my first date was with… Bob, I think, in grad school (so… late 2000, I think. Dayumm, I can’t remember off the top of my head exactly when he and I went out, I feel like such a hussy.)
  • First real kiss: New Year’s Eve 1999->2000, at the party after the Red Elvises’ gig. That’s all I’m saying about that.
  • First break-up: fall of ’99. Don’t want to think about it, let alone get meditative about it. {{{shudder}}}
  • First job: Stuffing envelopes for the SCA. Started at $0.005 per envelope and eventually moved up to something like $0.02 per envelope.
  • First self purchased album: Dang, I don’t really remember.
  • First funeral: never been to one. I’ve known people who have died, but for various reasons I’ve never made it to any of the funerals.
  • First pets: Mom and Dad’s cats. I grew up with half a dozen cats underfoot at all times. My first pet that was MINE was Sunny (see my pets page.
  • First piercing/tattoo: Hm… got my ears pierced when I was little – 3 or 4 maybe? No tattoos yet.
  • First credit card: Got my own card off Mom’s account when I was in college. Got my very own AmEx shortly thereafter.
  • First true love: I’m with Lauren: Define “true.”
  • First enemy: My first best friend, who turned on me when I was in 2nd grade.
  • First big trip: Hm… don’t really remember. Prolly the one up to Canada with Mom and Dad when I was … um … 7 or so.
  • First play/musical/performance: Attended? I think “Fiddler on the Roof” when I was 4 or so. Performed in? No clue. I did ballet and tap when I was really little and we performed regularly.
  • First musician you remember hearing in your house: Elvis Presley! Woot!


  • Last big car ride: Hm… prolly the big Milpitas – LA – Las Vegas – Milpitas circle the bf and I did last memorial day weekend.
  • Last big bus ride: No idea. I went on WAY too many bus rides up until I fled home (and the attendant Girl Scout, church, and random other events) for college.
  • Last kiss: Sunday, when I said bye-for-now to the bf and went home.
  • Last good cry: Not sure.
  • Last library book checked out: Geez, I haven’t been to a library in forever. I love having my own books, looking at the collection I’ve amassed, and bitching about how someday I’ll have the whole thing properly shelved and organized.
  • Last movie seen: “School of Rock” for the second time. Went with Mom, who hadn’t seen it. Can I just say for the record that Jack Black is the schiznit? And not just because he bears a striking resemblance to my bf (though that doesn’t hurt).
  • Last beverage drank: Diet Coke. Woo, caffeine!
  • Last food consumed: baby carrots.
  • Last crush: Hm… the bf. Although that worked out much better than most of my other crushes. Better than all of them, really. :)
  • Last phone call: Hm… Talking to the bf on the phone last night before bed. Geez, this post is starting to really revolve around him, isn’t it?
  • Last tv show watched: “South Park” on DVD.
  • Last shoes worn: My combat boots.
  • Last cd played:“Tenacious D” by Tenacious D.
  • Last item bought: Lord of the Rings cards.
  • Last annoyance: A frickin’ computer at the Learning Center. I’m trying to reinstall Windows 98 on the bastard and having a terrible time.
  • Last disappointment: Not sure.
  • Last soda drank: Diet Coke.
  • Last ice cream eaten: Breyers Vanilla.
  • Last time wanting to die: Hm… Not for a long while. At least a year ago.
  • Last shirt worn: button-up shirt for work. Gah. I want a job where I can wear tshirts, or at least comfy knit shirts, all the time. This “looking like a teacher, not like a student” dress code of Mom’s is a pain in the butt.
  • Last website visited: Other than my own (which I have to visit to update my blog),

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