Note to self

Do not read other people’s blogs before updating your own because they will invariably be funnier, wittier, and generally cooler than anything you have to say yourself.
THat’s what I get for bloglining people like Wil Wheaton, Cassie Claire, Teasel, and Neil Gaiman. (Bloglines, for them as don’t know, is an RSS service. I hardly pay any attention to my blogroll anymore; I really ought to look into using the blogrolling feature Bloglines has).
So anyway, yeah. Not much to say. I’ve been really, really goddamned busy. Saw my old friend Sarah and finally got to meet Brian today – it was Sarah’s way early birthday party. Got sunburned sitting in the shade (I really wish I were joking about that). Had a good time.
Am going to see SJ Taiko tomorrow with the bf and my friend-and-soon-to-be-housemate Kay. Should be fun. Will also do my first real load of Stuff for the move – gonna get everything out of storage and take it to the new place. Cool!

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