Mark Morford is actually wise sometimes.

This column by Mark Morford of the SFChronicle is actually really good. He often irritates me with his over-the-top, let’s-piss-off-the-right attitude (which is, imho, counterproductive), but I usually agree with what he has to say under the bells and whistles.
This time he hits the nail right on the head. Go read it.

I get this a lot: Mark, how can you write about light fluffy inconsequential things like dogs or yoga or car design or sex or music when there’s so many vile gut-wrenching soul-curdling life-threatening atrocities and gang rapes and beheadings and Rumsfelds happening in the world right now that deserve immediate attention?

How the hell can you possibly write a whole column extolling, say, the virtues of single-malt scotch or of having sex in the backseat of small luscious European cars, when BushCo is right this moment ravaging the planet and eviscerating the human spirit and the environment is teetering on the edge and women’s rights are being gouged and McDonald’s is poisoning our youth and Dick Cheney is still upright, barely?

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