Movin’ on…

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, the answer is “moving.” Yeesh. It’s amazing how much effort it is to move things. Today I moved two bookcases, two file cabinets, and half a dozen boxes of random STUFF to the new digs.
Behold their glory:
Here we have a charming shot of my bed, along with numerous boxes of books, the TV my roomie has kindly let me use for the duration of my stay (or until I get a better one) and my “unread books” bookshelf. Huzzah. The bed, which as you can see totally kicks butt, is also my roomie’s. She’s letting me use it while I live there as she’s gotten a better/smaller one. Yay! It totally rocks!
And on your right, you can see another angle of my room. The TV is now it its rightful place, atop the killer VCR/DVD player my grandpa gave me. Yay! The bookshelves, of course, don’t have all their books on ’em yet. That’s a MAJOR project involving a UPC scanner and an internet connection (yes, I’m going to catalog my books. The thoroughly cool Kylar is giving me a hand with that). Woo. And behind all those boxes in the corner is a brick-and-board bookshelf with SOME books on it. :) Cool, eh?
all pix by my roomie, Kay

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