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Red Blood and Black Ink

by David Dary This is a great book about Journalism in the Old West. FANTASTIC! It’s everything you think and more. Gunslinging editors, tramp printing press men, fistfights over articles, the works. Well written and well worth the read.

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The Last Plantagenet

This is a surprisingly good historical novel about Richard III. It was sad to read, of course, because he had such a tragic life, but it was good. You really got a feeling for him as a person, and unlike … Continue reading

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The Devil Wears Prada

by Lauren Weisberger Holy cow, this is a great book. Hate your job? Pick this up and see just how bad a job can be. Andrea gets the job a million girls would die for: junior assistant to the all-powerful … Continue reading

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Eeek! The Libertine, a moving about my favorite 17th century poet is in production! And Johnny Depp is going to play him. *squeal*

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Interview Meme

Woot! Rich interviews me! Yay! Want me to interview you? Email me.



So, as previously mentioned (just a few times), I am moving out! I’m moving out permanently on memorial day weekend, woooo! However, as many of y’all know, I have a BOATLOAD of stuff. Oodles. Tons. Five big bookshelves of books. … Continue reading

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Another reason being up early on Saturday sucks.

Almost nobody is online. Nobody’s emailing me and nobody’s online on AIM, ICQ, et al. *sigh* This is good for productivity but bad for my mental health. Gah!

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Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

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Work hard, play hard.

I figured I should post to demonstrate that yes, I really am up and at my system at 7:30 in the morning. On a Saturday. Gah. Why am I up at this gawdawful hour on a weekend? Because I have … Continue reading

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Big ‘un

Huge meme via Mortaine. This one’s about morality. Hard core stuff here! Watch out! Flames will be passed around to my friends, laughed at, and then ignored.