Welcome Back!

Well, I’m back. Had an absolutely fantastic trip, too! Yay! There are too many stories to tell to even begin trying here. :) If you’re one of the folks coming to my housewarming this weekend, ask me then. (And if you didn’t get an evite, dood, lemme know and I’ll send you the info.)
One highlight of the trip: Through extensive experimentation, the bf and I figured out that the reason I react so badly to some beers is that I’m allergic to at least some varieties of hops. Too much hops or the wrong kind of hops and beer tastes like death (and makes me feel sick). Low-hops or good-hops beers are okay. For example, Full Sail brewery’s Switchback is fine by me. :)
Now to get the house ready for my housewarming this weekend, aieeeee….

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