The day approacheth

Yikes! My best friend’s wedding is approaching at a terrifying pace.
Things left to do:

  1. Figure out what the hell to wear to the rehearsal dinner
  2. Pack (we’re staying the night up in SF)
  3. Figure out what to say for my toast
  4. Wrap the wedding gift
  5. Not die of nervousness

Not too bad, but I have a bunch of other stuff to do – work, eat, sleep, that kind of thing. Yeesh. Oh, and Aikido, too. GAH! not to mention that I haven’t made any calls for the several queries I sent out last week (forgot to post about that, d’oh) because I’ve been running around doing last minute wedding stuff (figuring out my hair style! Getting a fancy hair clip! Tracking down wedding gifts!).
On the bright side, my hair is going to be neato.

Not bad, eh? The clip will be much nicer on The Day, of course. :)

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