I’m not dead. Honest. Just working a LOT. Had a deadline moved up way further than expected and so am busy.

But here are pix from the wedding. no pix OF the wedding, because my Dad couldn’t take any during the ceremony (house rules), but shots of me getting ready and being pretty and whatnot. Check it out.

Mom and me just after she finished my hair. Snazzy, no?
My dad, the artiste. :) Just kidding! I think it’s a really pretty picture.
Portrait shot of me in my bridesmaid dress. It’s pretty sweet, huh?
Me delivering a toast at the reception. I look relaxed but I was shaking. I always get so nervous with that kind of thing! Still, my friend seemed to think it was a good toast, so I’m happy.
Grace Cathedral has an icon of Mary Magdalene, which I think is totally cool. The thing under the icon explains her role as an apostle to the Apostles, which is also cool. Nice to see a gal from the Bible other than the Mother get some respect!
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