Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

  1. How do you feel about the electoral college voting?
    Personally, I think it sucks. Ordinarily it doesn’t matter much but in close elections it allows a candidate to lose the popular vote but win the electoral college. Since we’d have to amend the constitution to do away with it, though, I doubt we’ll be seeing change any time soon. Clearly, the answer is for politicians to stop all sounding alike and for people to get out and vote, dammit! A national election should not be decided by a few hundred votes! COME ON!

  2. Who defintes what is “cool?”
    It’s consensus, really. If I think person A is cool and person A thinks product X is cool, I will probably think product X is cool, too.

  3. How is a believable character in tv, movies, books, etc made?
    Hm… they must act consistently (ie, don’t have the vegetarian suddently start eating a hamburger unless you can explain it in some way that genuinely makes sense) and not be too far outside the bounds of the familiar.
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