5 Things Meme

I love me some Memeage. :) Found here.

5 Things You May Not Know About My Time in School

  1. My Geography teacher knew I read in class but let me ‘cos I got good grades.
  2. I had a crush on at least one teacher from 7th grade up.
  3. I had an Empire Strikes Back lunchbox in gradeschool.
  4. I biked to school on the shoulder of a six-lane expressway.
  5. I didn’t date until I was out of Grad School.

5 Things You May Not Know About The Jobs I Have Had

  1. My first job was putting mailings in envelopes for The SCA.
  2. I once worked as a file clerk for a law firm.
  3. I had an article on the front page of The San Mateo County Times when I was an intern there.
  4. I’ve never worked in retail or fast food.
  5. I started teaching/tutoring in High School.

5 Things you May Not Know About My Online Life

  1. I have a Yahoo!Mail account.
  2. I run an email list for a TV show so little-known that it’s not even out on DVD and there’s no online campaign to get it put on on DVD.
  3. I made my first website on Geocities, teaching myself HTML to do so.
  4. I did not meet the bf online, although we did meet because of our websites.
  5. I have a Livejournal.

5 Things you May Not Know About Where I Live

  1. My roommate is in her 70s.
  2. I live about five minutes from the house I grew up in.
  3. I live about five minutes from a really, really great movie theater.
  4. We don’t really have seasons here, just “rainy and cold” and “dry and hot.”
  5. I live right around the corner from a fantastic Chinese restaurant.

5 Things You May Not Know I Would Really Like to Have Are

  1. A new laptop.
  2. An herb garden.
  3. A perfectly clean and organized desk and bedroom.
  4. Enough free time to learn to knit something besides scarves.
  5. An actual grasp of Classical Greek and Latin.

5 Embarrassing Fannish Admissions

  1. I had a crush on Wesley on ST:TNG for about a week.
  2. I own a video tape that collects all of Skinner’s scenes from the first couple seasons of The X-Files he was in.
  3. The first piece of fanfic I wrote was a dreadful Mary-Sue.
  4. I still like The West Wing, even though it’s turning into a soap.
  5. I sometimes actually do go “eeeeeeeeeee!!” and jump around like a fangirl… and mean it.
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