I love blogging. I love the opportunity to express myself and know it can be read by the half dozen readers I like to think I have, and then be shuffled into the archives and never read again except by search engine spiderbots and people googling on random-ass stuff.
But my blogs are (obviously!) taking a hit, what with NaNoWriMo taking up all my time.
I feel bad. I have hundreds of links I’ve been meaning to post, I’m behind on my memes, and I haven’t done a Word of the Day in ages! ARGH!
To make me feel even worse, one of the people whose blog I adore (*waves* at Marn) said some really nice things about my blog today in an email message.
BTW, if you haven’t given thanks that Marn’s cancer surgery went really well, you should. And you should start wearing more sunscreen. And hats. And all that.
I’m sorry, faithful readers, that I’ve been slacking. But I have a lot of writing to do. I have to write 15k words in the next week. Yikes.

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