Vacation Movies, days 4 and 5

Thursday I saw “Casablanca” with my family – rawk! I somehow never noticed how cool the Captain is. Gotta love that dry irony.
Friday I saw “The Machinst” and “Team America: World Police”. Boy, there’s a double feature for you. “THe Machinst” was easily one of the most unsettling films I have ever seen, largely because every time the camera was on Christian Bale’s emaciated figure, I cringed inside. I hope he hasn’t permanently damaged himself by getting so frickin’ skinny. “Team America” was okay. Good to see once, but not a go again and again kind of movie. Matt and Trey are good at being funny but not so good with the political humor except in VERY small doses. This was too much in one place (although the refrain “America! Fuck yeah!” was stuck in my head for a while. That’s a catch tune).
Merry Christmas to them as celebrate it!

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