Meme goodness

Ten things I’ve done that you may not have done:

  1. Attended a sci-fi convention while a babe in arms.
  2. Been presented to the King of the West as an infant.
  3. Practiced French Horn while camping in Death Valley.
  4. Mouthed off (while a child) to a Mensa member.
  5. Learned Tom Lehrer’s Song of the Elements. (well, mostly)
  6. Danced to an Allan Sherman song for a school talent show.
  7. Walked a portion of Hadrian’s Wall.
  8. Distressed an British Lit prof by proving (fairly well, imho) in a term paper that Lit Crit is pointless.
  9. Had one of my favorite authors described as “vile” by a British Lit prof. (Yes, it was the same one.)
  10. Rappelled 16 stories of free hang into Moaning Cavern.
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