Aw, yeah. I am rockin’!

I got me a tech writing contract! Full time, about six months long, at a company a ways up the peninsula. Starts Monday — part time for a couple weeks while they hunt down a replacement for me at Success! Learning Center, then full time through the fall.
However, I have NO intention of being dooced, so I will not be blogging much about work, if at all.

Still, I am totally and utterly stoked. I get to cut back on my job load pretty significantly. Check it out, here’s the breakdown on my jobs as of mid-April:

  1. Contract technical writer (40hrs/wk)
  2. Private tutor (4 hrs/wk)
  3. Freelance web designer (15 min/wk, if that)
  4. Freelance movie reviewer (~4hrs/wk)

Not bad, eh? That only adds up to … what, about 48 hrs/wk? And only four jobs? RAWK! Heck, the web design thing barely counts – I’m on retainer to the SBBNA but they almost never have me do anything. And I may quit tutoring over the summer, or at least cut back. I’ll have to see how the whole real-job-with-a-real-commute thing works.
Yeah, I’m gonna have a commute! How crazy is that? It’s about 20 miles from my place to the office, and it’s straight up Hwy 101, which is a bog. I hope, once I’m settled, to leave earlyish in the morning and avoid the huge 8-10am rush hour. :D Plus, getting in early means leaving early too, so… yay! :D

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