Hawk of May / Kingdom of Summer / In Winter’s Shadow

by Gillian Bradshaw
This trilogy is a fascinating take on the Arthurian legend! The first book is from Gawain’s point of view, the second from Gawain’s servant’s, and the third from Guinevere’s. The names have been altered to more locally correct ones (Gawain is Gwalchmai, for example), and the first book is the only one with much magic. There’s no Merlin, either.
But it’s fascinating nonetheless. Set not long after the ROmans retreated from Britain, these books tell the story of a desperate attempt to rebuild a version of the Empire in Britain. Bradshaw also managed to make Guinevere (someone I’ve never much liked as adultery is a nigh-unforgivable deed in my opinion) sympathetic and likeable. I actually felt sorry for her. Good writing!
(Sorry I haven’t been updating – I have a list of all the books I have been reading and will get them all up here, I promise!)
(books 10-12 in 2005)

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