It’s official

I am a great big gardening dork.
Today I am taking home coffee grounds from work to add to my compost pile at the house. They add nitrogen to the mix, which is always good. I am learning (slowly) about organic fertilizer and composting and stuff, and it totally killed me to realize how much coffee we go through here at work — and all those grounds just get thrown away!!! So I talked to the gal who keeps our coffee pots stocked, and she’s now saving the grounds for me to take home. I don’t know how much I’ll use, though – gotta do some research and make sure I don’t overdo it. But even if I don’t use ’em all for compost, I can save ’em in a bin or something for when I start making my own fertilizer.
Oh, and there are some pix of my gardening work up on my Flickr account.

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