An Open Letter to the San Francisco Giants

Dear Giants,
I am actually kind of glad that you traded Yorvit Torrealba over the weekend, even though it means I will have to watch Mariners games to see him play. You treated him like crap, made him the backup catcher all the time, and didn’t give him much time on the field.
It’s depressing that once again, my favorite player on the team is gone but I am hopeful that maybe now Yorvit will get a chance to be lead catcher and really strut his stuff.
I would like to thank you for fielding him as a pinch hitter the last time I went to see a game so that I could cheer for him one last time as a Giant. But fair warning: if you guys play the Mariners, I am cheering for him. So there.
PS to the new backup catcher, Yamid Haad: You have a wacky name too, which means I am rooting for your almost by default. I know it’s not your fault that you are replacing my favorite player, so I am willing to give you a chance. Please be awesome so that I can root for you for real instead of just because your name is cool.

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